The Christmas spirit hasn’t really hit me yet. I just bought our tree today. I don’t even have the lights up yet. I’m getting there.


Talking about my experience with prospecting so far. Going out and selling is getting easier, but no real leads or prospects yet. I have to keep getting out there.

Missing Out

Training for my new career takes up much of my time and I have to miss events and spending time with my kids and girlfriend. This is only temporary until I start working and have that good work/life balance.


I went from studying for school to studying and training for work. Still trying to be a good father and boyfriend at the same time.

Momentum stopped

All good things must come to an end. For me, I had to adapt to a whole new life once again, and it is just as hard as the first time.


An email from my mom and stepdad adding to my story. Things I don’t remember.

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