Website Crashed

Well, my website crashed which means I lost a couple of my blog posts. They were pretty good posts too. A plugin was installed and my made my system go a bit loopy. Content wasn’t showing up, the web pages looked all out of sorts, and I had to call tech support to fix it. The solution was to restore my website to a previous point. That’s what led to me losing blog posts and forcing me to write them again. Or try to because my memory sucks. The links to the posts in my social media don’t work anymore either.

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Published by Michael Foglietta

I will be 51 years old in August of 2022, I will also graduate from The University of Arizona with my first Bachelor's degree in Political Science/International Relations. It was a long road to get to this point. In December of 2003 I had a blood clot burst in the back of my head which sidelined my career as a Test Engineer. I was not expected to survive, have meaningful employment, or go back to college. I accomplished all 3 despite my learning disability and other side effects. I spend many years in recovery. I decided to return to college and then enter the workforce once again. I am currently finishing my last few classes and then I will have my diploma in August of 2022. Extremely happy and proud of what I've accomplished. Now I just need to find a job here in Tucson. Hopefully a career opportunity. I started this website with the intention of blogging about my long journey to this point and showcase my writing ability with the hopes of breaking into freelance writing. I hope that my story can be an inspiration to others who have had similar life changing events and share thoughts in this forum, which I am new to and still learning.

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