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Never give up

Thanks mom

Luckily my mom and stepdad keep a copy of all my bog posts so I was able to just cut and paste this post, thanks guys.

Never give up

Never give up should be a phrase that’s ingrained in everyone’s mind. Especially those who have or are experiencing life altering events. Whether it be from a car accident, stroke, cancer, or a myriad of other life events, never give up. The best advice I have is never give up.

There are things that happen in our lives that completely change our way of life, our thinking, and even our loved ones that are called upon to care for people. Sometimes loved ones lives are also changed in ways no one can imagine. They become caregivers, but also our biggest supporters. It isn’t just the people who have a disability, it’s our loved ones that can never give up as well. Over my many years of being disabled, I have come to appreciate the sacrifices that my loved ones have made on my behalf.

It’s up to us

In order to continue living, each individual must accept their new life, learn, grow, and basically wake up every morning ready for the day. Each day we are alive is another day closer to recovery. Doctor visits, therapy sessions, all fill our days. No one can force us to get out of bed and it is definitely justifiable to just sit back and watch life go by because of what we have to deal with every single day. I could sit back and collect my disability checks if I chose to do that, but that’s not the path I chose.

It takes an extra amount of strength to get out of bed each day. For many disabled individuals, it is extremely difficult to just accomplish that task, physically and mentally. Some need that extra push to get out of bed each day. Others are happy to get out of bed each day and smile because they are alive. It may take years to get to that point, but with the right mindset, it will happen.

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