It’s been a while

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I posted anything. My time management skills need a refresher course I think. It’s been about 4 months since I graduated from college and I forgot how to manage time. It only took a couple years to learn time management in college, that timeframe needs to be now and not later.


I am still in training right now and still have a lot to learn. Even though I have a lot to learn about insurance, learning how to get clients is slowing me down. The first time I went out to talk to businesses, I chickened out. I made the usual excuses, I didn’t know the material, I didn’t know the pitch well enough, but it was all crap. I came back the next week and started off with 5 businesses one day, and then 9 the day after that. After the first 5 seconds, I was fine. Talking to people is something I’m good at. The first time I walk into an office isn’t to sell anything. It’s to introduce myself and tell them about a few of our products and that’s it. It’s all about getting an appointment booked.

So far, no appointments booked, but I have a few good leads. My confidence is good, and I can read the first person I talk to rather well. It’s only been one week total, and more places to go this week. I find the challenge fun. The training is pretty rigorous, but it’s a results business, and I need to get some results. With every business I talk to, the more confident I get. I’m not stuttering or shaking, just walk in and start a conversation. It’s a numbers game and the more people I talk to, the better odds I have of getting new business.

The biggest factor that I think is holding me back, is that I don’t know anyone here, no natural market. No friends, no family, no nothing. I am beginning to talk to some of the people I do know so I can get some real experience in doing quotes and learning the software and the system. Minus this market, I have to keep talking to as many people as I can and prove to myself and my company that I can do it.

That’s the most worrying part of this job for me, the beginning. If I don’t have clients, I don’t make money. Some might think I’m a little crazy because I’m not that worried about it. I am giving my best and working hard. If I don’t make it, it’s not for the lack of trying. And I don’t give up very easily, especially with my career. It’s my first career in almost 20 years and there are a lot of unknowns for me. For the last 20 years, every single day is an unknown, so I’m used to it. I wake up every day and work, whether it’s school or my career. Nothing has changed in that respect.

The Change

The biggest change between work and school, bad grades or not being able to feed my family. There’s obviously a little more pressure with the latter.

I also had a routine down for when I was in school. It’s been an adjustment of my routine for work and I’m still getting used to this new routine. Now, when my son asks me to take him to the park to ride his bike, I have to say I can’t because I’m working. It’s an adjustment for my kids and my girlfriend too. They have to change with me and it can be difficult for them too. I have to keep that in mind to keep my household happy.

Personal Life

To be honest, my girlfriend is very worried for me about when I start to get commission instead of my paid training. Receiving a salary is almost guaranteed, commissions are not. She’s more worried than I am. I try to help her worry less, but it probably isn’t working. She will stick with me no matter what. This is our future too.

Making our future together as a family is important to me and I want her to know how much she means to me and my kids. I consider us a family, and in that tradition of being a real family, I asked her to marry me. She makes me very happy and I can’t see a future without her in our lives. Oh yeah, she said yes.

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I will be 51 years old in August of 2022, I will also graduate from The University of Arizona with my first Bachelor's degree in Political Science/International Relations. It was a long road to get to this point. In December of 2003 I had a blood clot burst in the back of my head which sidelined my career as a Test Engineer. I was not expected to survive, have meaningful employment, or go back to college. I accomplished all 3 despite my learning disability and other side effects. I spend many years in recovery. I decided to return to college and then enter the workforce once again. I am currently finishing my last few classes and then I will have my diploma in August of 2022. Extremely happy and proud of what I've accomplished. Now I just need to find a job here in Tucson. Hopefully a career opportunity. I started this website with the intention of blogging about my long journey to this point and showcase my writing ability with the hopes of breaking into freelance writing. I hope that my story can be an inspiration to others who have had similar life changing events and share thoughts in this forum, which I am new to and still learning.

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