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Procrastination Thoughts

Me? Ummm, yes. I’m a very large procrastinator. I’m constantly saying I will do something today, tomorrow, next week, and so on. Meanwhile, the pile of branches in my back yard needs to go away, I need to kill the weeds, trim the bushes, clean the house, clean my garage, put stuff away, the list goes on and on. Everything gets done at some point.

Even though I don’t technically work right now, it’s still hard to find the time or the want to do these things. My mood dictates my actions. Yesterday was a doctor appointment, running errands, taking and picking my son up from school, he had a baseball game last night, which was canceled after we arrived. So the little down time I had yesterday was spent relaxing. Things that take normal people little time, it takes me more time. Sometimes a lot of time.

I think I have to be in a particular mood to get things done. Don’t ask my why or how, that’s just how it is with me. Do I want to do my chores? Of course not. The funny part is that after the chores are done, there’s a sense of accomplishment and a feeling that I did a good job and that I completed a task. My kids aren’t old enough or don’t want to help with some of them. Isn’t that what kids are for? To help with chores? I was just informed that my daughter does do chores around the house. Emptying the dishwasher and she does some cleaning of the house. Thank you little one.

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